The Real Barber’s College has closed. We will continue to maintain all student files and respond to all transcript request or student request for proof of training. Every student has the right to request their files and we will comply with all request. Please ensure all financial obligations have been met.

Contact info:

New Mailing Address
The Real Barbers, Inc.
211 S State College Blvd #148 Anaheim CA 92806

This is a P.O. Box

When writing to make a request please include your full name, Student I.D. and Last date of attendance. If you previously graduated please include the dates of attendance. Sign and date your request.

If you are transferring, please ask your new school to submit a signed release for us to forward your transcripts.

To every student that attended our school, your continued success is very important to us.

To the public that allowed our students to practice their skills, you helped every student become better at their craft.


Mike & Cheryl