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Tuition and Fees


1500 Hours
(44-50 weeks )

Tuition:  $17,865.00
Registration:  $100.00(non-refundable)
Books & Tools:  $921.00
TOTAL $18,886.00

Barbering Cross Over (for Cosmetologists)

400 Hours
(10-13 weeks )

Tuition:  $4,764.00
Registration:  $100.00 (non-refundable)
Books & Tools:  $921.00
TOTAL $5,785.00

Barber Instructor

600 Hours
(17-20 Weeks)

Tuition:  $7,146.00
Registration:  $100.00(non-refundable)
Books ONLY:  $350.00
TOTAL $7,596.00

Extra Instruction Time Charges

Students are expected to complete their training within the maximum time allowed as specified in his/her Enrollment Agreement. If a student exceeds the time frame outlined in the Agreement, an extra time charge is required for the balance of hours required and/or the completion of course. An addendum to the enrollment contract will reflect the hours to complete and rate per hour, or any portion thereof.

Additional Charges will be assessed for any student who does not complete a course within the allotted enrollment period per the rates below:

Barbering: $11.91 hour  |  Barber Cross Over: $11.91 hour  |  Barber Instructor: $11.91 hour
The Real Barbers College reserves the right to change the tuition and fees and make subject changes without prior notice when necessary; any change will not affect current (attending) students.
Mandatory Fees:
Student Tuition Recovery Fee: $0.50 per $1,000 of institutional charges
(after December 31,2014, the state of California will no longer require schools to collect this fee)