Career Services

Job placement assistance is provided to graduates and students at no additional charge. After students pass the licensing examination, students are encouraged to return for placement assistance. Students are sent on interviews and the school follows up with the student and potential employers in the field for opportunities to become employed as barbers, hair-dressers, hair stylists, and cosmetologists. Our staff assists students in placements as often as needed; however, the school does not guarantee placement to any student.

Students are counseled individually, formally and informally, as often as necessary, but minimally every month to review the student’s progress and adjustment. Students are given personal attention and assistance at every stage of training from the first day of enrollment. At predetermined intervals, measuring instruments are utilized to evaluate the rate and quality of the student and remedial assignments are made when required. Particular attention is given for the preparation of the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Examination. Successful Barbers, Shop/Salon Owners and Stylists are scheduled to give demonstrations and to discuss career goals, etc., with the students. These activities supplement the daily counseling carried out by the instructors and supervisors. Students may request additional counseling sessions at any time.

 Download the 2016 Barbering & Cosmetology Regulations:  here.