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Barbering Crossover Course for Cosmetologists

CIP#12.0402          400 Clock Hours

The course of study for students enrolled in the Barbering Crossover course shall consist of four hundred (400) clock hours of technical instruction and practical operations covering all practices that are not part of the required training to be a cosmetologist. For the purpose of this section, technical instruction shall mean instruction by demonstration, lecture, classroom participation or examination. Practical operation shall mean the actual performance by the student of a complete service on another person or mannequin. The required course of instruction in the practical phases of barbering shall cover no less than 90 hours, including training. The Barbering Crossover course of study is designed to prepare students for the state licensing examination and for profitable employment as a Barber. All classes are taught by experienced licensed instructors.

Requirements for a satisfactory completion of the course: Shall have completed Theory and Operations required by Bureau of Barbering & Cosmetology with a grade average of “C” (70%) or better.

Required Texts: Milady’s Standard Professional Barbering Textbook, Workbook and Exam ReviewGraduation Documentation: When a student has completed the required theory hours and practical operations with a GPA of “C” (70%) or better and a simulated (mock) program and his/her tuition account is paid in full, students are assisted in completing the necessary documents to file for the appropriate Board of Barbering & Cosmetology License Exam. Upon passing the license exam and providing proof to TRBC, he/she is rewarded a diploma certifying his/her graduation.Licensing Requirements: Applicant must be 17 years of age or older and have a high school diploma or GED. A barbering license will be granted by the State of CA only after the student has successfully completed and graduated from the Barbering course as described above and passed the Board of Barbering/Cosmetology Licensing Exam with an overall average of 75%.

Barbering Act/Rules 10
Health/Safety/Hazardous Subjects/HIV/AIDS 10
Fundamentals 10
Disinfection/Sanitation 10
Chemistry 5
Haircutting 10
Hairpieces 3
Shaving 5
Hairstyling 5
Facials 5
Business Industry Relations 5
Misc. Theory Subjects  10
Haircut/Hairstyle 235
Shaving 28
Permanent waving 6
Hair Processing/Relaxing 5
Hair Coloring 5
Shampooing 7
Facials 12
Hair waving/Curling 6
Curling Irons 4
Disinfection/Sanitation 10
Misc. Practical Operations 353
Hours 400 Hours (10-13 weeks )
Deposit $2,000.00
Minimum monthly payment $1,000.00
Course fees
Tuition $4,764.00
Registration $100.00
Books & Tools $921.00
Total $5,785.00